Free downloadable information sheets and articles with details that are useful to know before you give us a call. Branches Tree Care is happy to share our years of knowledge working with trees in Alberta and tree diseases and fungus that are prominent to Edmonton and Central Alberta.

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Black Knot

Black knot is a terminal fungus that only affects Prunus species of trees. The most common Prunus are Mayday and Schubert Choke Cherry trees. Black knot is spread by the wind because it's a spore.

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Fire Blight

Fire Blight is a bacterial disease transmitted by insects, bees, rain, dew, wind and birds in the spring affecting Apple, Cotoneaster and Mountain Ash trees.

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Needle Blight

Needle blight/cast (Rhizosphaera) is a fungus (makes a spore) that lives on the needles of Colorado Spruce and White Spruce. The fungus comes out of dormancy with spring and the tree.

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Dutch Elm Disease

Learn more about Dutch Elm Disease Prevention/Control Measures and Responsibilities and Authority under the APA

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Spruce Tree Issues

If you are noticing yellow – orangish needles on the inside of your Spruce tree all is well. Needle die back occurs on the branches every year from the trunk to usually a foot or two along the branches.

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Pruning / Cutting

Learn about when to prune your tree and making proper cuts.

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