Columnar Aspens Sprout Off Of Their Roots

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Once the tree has been cut down, as soon as possible / the sooner the better and within 4-6 hours hours, the stump needs to be treated daily for a few weeks with a strong herbicide to kill the roots. If you have a Columnar Aspen removed while you are at work that is fine, treat the stumps that evening when you are home. This needs to be done before the stump is ground out because you need the stump to treat the root system. Once the stump is gone there is no way to access the root system.

If you do not kill the root system there is a very good chance (75%) that the roots will sprout up a forest of tree suckers and you will have to re-landscape your yard to get rid of them all.

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It’s a very serious thing and happens often enough that due care and attention needs to be taken with these trees. Treating the stump needs to happen the same day to use the biology of how a tree works to draw the herbicide down into the roots. Once the root flare stops trying to draw from the tree this biology no longer works and just the stump will die but the roots will live on. Drilling holes into the stump allows for more herbicide to get into the root flare making it a better kill. Herbicides to use are Par 3 or concentrated Round up. Stores like Sturgeon Valley Fertilizers, UFA and Peavey Mart sell herbicides that are strong enough to kill the root systems. Once you have treated the stump for a few weeks the stump can be ground out.